A downloadable game for Windows

No Need For Books is a game where you have to understand the needs of the character and help him to move forward with his life. 

How to play: 

By using the arrows on your keyboard or the mouse, you can move the character below to move left or right. 

The goal is that you catch the specific items that are falling from the celling. These items represents the needs of the character above, and they are: Communication (), Empathy () and Love (). 

Sometimes the character will need love, others empathy, and others communication. Be aware of what he needs through the indicator right below him! 

 All of these needs are importante for him to move on with his life. So...help him!

(Also, you can press f11 for fullscreen view.)


- David "JonCapri" Sousa as Programmer and Artist

- Daniel Caldas as Musician and Game Designer

- Felipe Manzando as Programmer

- Felipe Tadeu as Brainstormer

Install instructions

Just unzip it and play!


No Need For Books_Windows x86_64-20171220T181101Z-001.zip 16 MB

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